Click below to view trailers of some productions Clark has been a part of.

“North Of Nightfall”

Producer, Cinematographer, Photographer

2019 Sports Emmy Nomination “Outstanding Camera Work”

"Distance Between Dreams"

Red Bull Media House / Freeride Entertainment 2016

Lead Producer, Cinematographer, Photographer

Surfer Mag "Documentary of the Year" 2016

"The Fourth Phase" 2016

Red Bull Media House

Associate Producer, Aerial Coordinator, Photographer

"The Art of FLIGHT"                                   

BrainFarm Cinema 2010/ 2011

Producer/ Lead Guide/ Cast

"The Unrideables : Alaska Range" 2015

Red Bull Media House / Freeride Entertainment

Lead Producer, Lead Guide, Photographer

"Miles Above : Ep. 10 'Taming the Titan'"

Producer/ Safety Coordinator

Red Bull Media House/ Tether

"The Way I See It"

Matchstick Productions 2010

Lead Guide - Alaska Segment

"Travis Rice's Red Bull Supernatural"          

NBC Signature Series 2012

Location Producer

"Brothers On The Run"           

Red Bull Media House / YouTube 2012

Producer/ Lead Guide/ Cast

"Travis Rice's Red Bull Ultra Natural"          

NBC Signature Series 2013

Location Producer

"Let Me Take You To The Mountain"

GoPro Hero3+ Featured Story 2013

Producer, Lead Guide - Chile Snow Segment

"Let Me Take You To The Mountain"         

GoPro Hero3+ Featured Video 2013

Producer, Lead Guide - Chile Snow Segment

"The Art of FLIGHT: The Series" - Netflix

BrainFarm Cinema, Red Bull Media House 2012

Producer, Lead Guide

"Bobby Brown's Red Bull Megaslope" 

Red Bull Media House/ Matchstick Productions 2013

Event Producer

"Superheros of Stoke"

Matchstick Productions 2013

Lead Guide - Alaska Segment

"Lost & Found"

Teton Gravity Research 2007

Guide - Alaska Segment


Warren Miller Entertainment 2007

Lead Guide - Alaska Segment

"Red Bull Double Pipe"                         

NBC Signature Series 2014 

Event Producer